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Olive Green


Increase the appeal of your garden with the SmartFence in Olive Green. Made up of PVC-coated steel panels that slot into fence posts, this fencing is easy to install and will definitely stand the test of time.

The panels, once installed, are rain and windproof, meaning there’s no risk of damage from moisture or a gusty day. They’ll also shelter your garden from bright sunshine or wind that could damage your plants. And best of all, they’re incredibly low-maintenance, needing only a wash with soapy water and a soft brush every year or so to get rid of debris.

The olive green steel fence adds a beautiful earthy tone to your garden, giving you privacy from overlooking houses without taking away from the natural beauty of your outdoor space.

Each SmartFence pack contains five panels and includes the installation brackets and fixtures. If you don’t already have concrete posts in your garden, you may need to purchase metal posts as well.