Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Why is this style of fencing better than wood?

It offers durability that you won’t get from wood. Resists Termites. We offer a 25 year warranty. Vitality fencing won’t rot or warp and requires no staining or painting.

  • If made from recycled materials why more expensive than wood?

The answer is that it is carefully processed to ensure the level of quality and performance is maintained. Performance is better than wood. Although the initial outlay is high you will reap the benefits in the long run as no staining, painting, sanding so you can enjoy sitting out in your garden enjoying your surroundings without the worry of having to do repair work.

  • Will fencing weather or have colour variation?

Vitality fencing will weather naturally over time to a lighter colour within the first twelve weeks.  During manufacturing a heavy pigmentation is poured allowing it to settle to a lighter shade gradually creating a weathered look. It doesn’t affect the durability of this product in any way.

Colour variation - due to the nature of composite materials it is expected that colour variation will occur. However it will become less noticeable as it weathers.

  • Does it work well in all Climates:

Yes it is designed to withstand hot, cold, dry, and humid climates making it a strong, durable and long lasting product.

  • Can it be cut?

Vitality fencing can be cut to any length or height so no property is an issue, and it is suggested to use a skill saw or miter saw.

  • What is the lifetime value?

With wood fencing the maintenance costs will add up over time due to sanding, painting and repairing. However with composite fencing there is no sanding, staining and a small amount of maintenance once a year.

  • Is it hard to install?

Anyone who has some construction knowledge will be able to install this fencing, however as with any work it is best to do all research prior to purchase as you may need to factor in the cost of hiring a professional if you want the job done quickly.

  • Care and Cleaning?

There will be some small maintenance on an annual basis to remove dirt and debris. Soap and water together with a soft brush will remove this.

Scuffs and abrasions: These will fade over time however if you require a temporary fix you can use WD-40, just apply with a cloth.



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