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Why is this style of fencing better than a wooden fence?

Our steel fencing offers much more durability than a standard wooden fence. It’s resistant to termites, won’t rot or warp, and requires no staining or painting to keep it looking at its best. We also offer a 25-year guarantee on all our fences.

Will the fence weather or have colour variations?

Our SmartFence has a Plastisol PVC coating that stops the colour from fading and protects it from damage and corrosion, leaving you with a durable fence that will look just as good in years to come as it did on the day you bought it.

Does it work well in all climates and weather conditions?

The coated steel frame of the SmartFence is designed to withstand any climate, whether hot, cold, dry or humid. The installation process also ensures that they are windproof so won’t blow away on a gusty or stormy day.

Can the SmartFence be cut?

Yes, our fences can be cut to any length or height to suit every property. We suggest using a skill saw or snippers but advise against using an angle grinder as the sparks can affect the steel fencing.

What is the lifetime value of the SmartFence?

The SmartFence beats a standard wooden fence in lifetime value as there is no need for maintenance costs. Wood needs sanding, staining and treating regularly, which can all add up. But the SmartFence simply needs a small amount of cleaning once a year, and that’s it. No extra surprise costs down the line.

How do you install the fence if you have existing pillars and plinths?

SmartFence is a DIY product that couldn’t be easier to install, especially if you already have existing pillars and plinths. It comes in a slimline box that includes the five fence panels, two brackets for the pillars, the finishing rail and the screws and fittings. You can watch our short installation video to see how easy the process is.

How do you install the fence if you buy the complete package with the metal posts and plinths?

The metal posts need to be concreted 2ft into the ground. You can do this by digging out 2ft into the area you want to put the posts and adding quick-dry cement to the hole along with the posts, making sure they’re level. Then go back to the installation video and start putting in your fences.

Where is the SmartFence made?

All of our SmartFence products are made in Ireland.

What care and cleaning are needed for these fences?

There is only a small amount of maintenance needed about once a year to remove dirt and debris from your SmartFence. A simple mixture of soap and water along with a soft brush is enough to keep your fence clean and well-maintained.


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